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Relieve Tight Muscles & Chronic Pain

NDIS Trigger Point Therapy is the treatment of trigger points, which are tight knots or areas of muscle tension that can cause pain and discomfort. These trigger points can develop in muscles throughout the body and may result from various factors, such as overuse, muscle strain, injury, poor posture, stress, and more. You can find our remedial massage services in the Essendon area.


Years Experince

NDS Trigger Point Therapy


  • Improved Muscle Function
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Gradual Improvement
  • Help to reduce restrictive movement
  • Focus on achievements and abilities
  • Gradual improvements to general well being


Our Aim

  • Reduce painful movements
  • Improve range of movement
  • Restore normal muscle function
  • Introduce strengthening exercises
  • Maintain holistic approach to treatment and therapy

Conditions We Can Handle

We not only specialize in Trigger Point Therapy.

Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists

Hip and Shoulder Mobilisation Connective Tissue Stretching Mobility Manipulation Emotional Regulation Technique Deep Breathing Exercises Muscle pain relief

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists

Work safe injury rehabilitation
Well-ness counselling Isotonic Nutrition Anti-aging Education Remedial Massage

Manual Therapists

Manual Therapists

Shiatsu Massage Relaxation Massage Tension Headache Relief Sports Massage Deep-tissue Massage Weight management counselling


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Satisfied Review

Our Patient Review

Hi Maree,

So wonderful to see you today. Mum is sitting with a lovely warm heat bag at her back and we both feel a lot better than we did before our treatment. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Kind Regards,

Marie August 2022

Hi Maree,

After many years of pain and many different treatments I have finally found relief from Maree. Maree works wonders! Can't thank her enough !!

Christine March 2022

Hi Maree,

Thanks you so much I'm doing much better still i have a bit of pain but nothing compare to what I was I am using hot water bag when ever I'm sitting down have a great day

Valantin April 2022


last night after my last treatment was the first night in 7 weeks that I didnt have that severe pain in my head!!

Rowan 29th march 2018

Hi Marie,

Just letting you know I feel fantastic today! The massaging tool you used in conjunction with your hands is amazing therapy! I can't thank you enough. I wish I could afford you every single day of my life!?

Jo March 2022

Hi Maree

Just letting you know there has been a great improvement with my shoulder since your treatment, I have been doing the shoulder exercises every day and using the wheat bag when I'm in need.... So I'll see you in the 21st

Patricia April 2022

Hi Maree

Just wanted to say a big thank you for whatever magic you worked on my knee yesterday. I’ve barely thought about it today which is a massive improvement, more than your predicted 80%! Thanks you. Jess

Jess July 2022

Heh Maree

I'm feeling so much better this evening-so amazing!

Ellen April 2020

Hi Maree!

I'm feeling better thanks so much!

Emmah May 2020

Hi Maree!

I’m a tad sore on the right side of my neck and behind my ear, but nothing compared to what I’ve been dealing with. I slept really well last night and actually feel like I had a deep sleep. Also the first morning I can remember without a headache and neck pain waking up. I’ve been using a heat pack a lot as well. I’m looking forward to Thursday!

Kylie Allen - Director May 2020

Hi Maree!

I feel like a new person! My neck is really tender but no headaches so I feel like myself again. Thanks so much to you and your magic hands and elbows

Kylie Allen - Director August 2020

"I'm a trillion times better! " Emra Feb 2020

"Thank you so much Maree, I slept so well last night and my finger is not throbbing anymore" Ivana Feb 2020

"Your a miracle worker! I can squat again now" Maddie March 2020

"My headaches are GONE!" Christine March 2020

"My body feels so much better, thanks Maree" Dina March 2020

Hi Maree

Thank you so much for working the trigger points and relieving mums forearm muscles, my mother’s pain in her hands especially her middle finger feels so much better having only two sessions with you she also has greater flexibility with her hands."

Linda Oct 2022

Hi Maree

I am feeling so much better today - the electric shocks have gone. Just have the tenderness where worked but I expected that.

I am icing and heating and doing my homework, so I'll hopefully be in better shape when I see you on Saturday

Bianca Sept 2022

Our Mission

  • focus on achieving planned short and long term goals
  • enhance capacity building support
  • implement ability in achieving daily tasks outlined in participants plan
  • support and educate participants on improving and achieving daily living goals
  • stimulate and improve mental health and well-being
  • target abilities and strengths to reduce muscular soreness with daily living tasks 
  • provide holistic and natural rehabilitation therapy 
Our Mission

Years Experince

Level Of Care

Providing a High Level of Care

Our Vision

to achieve the best quality of life for participants

Our Mission

Deliver effective and natural therapy that will enable participants to live a better quality of life

“With over 25 years of clinical practice combined with a background in classical ballet training gives our specialist therapist a deep understanding of human movement and muscluo-skeletal pain relief to a wide variety of disabilities.”

Maree Germantis (V.S.C.M.)

NDIS Trigger Point Therapy

Our Therapy

  • Supporting capacity building goals
  • Enhances the capabilities of achieving planned outcomes
  • Stimulates elevated mood and reduces anxiety caused by chronic pain
  • Increases blood circulation promoting life giving oxygen to soft-tissue 
  • Promoting natural healing to help ease chronic muscle soreness 
  • Supplements exercise regimes designed to increase movement and mobility